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September 8th, 2017

Barks and Recreation

Treat yourself to a customized pet portrait from local artist Kathy Phan.

You head home from happy hour early to log porch time with your pup and planned your last vacation around your cat sitter's schedule. 

It's true - you're pet obsessed. Celebrate the four-legged loves of your life with mementos from local Kathy Phantastic. Her darling designs range from watercolor portraits to brush lettering and handdrawn illustrations on porcelain coffee cups. How cute will your cubicle be with your kitty's mug on a mug or your dachshund as bookshelf decor? Customizing each to try and capture your animal's personality, we can't imagine having a cold bevvie any other way than in a pint glass or beer mug with custom colors to your choosing. 

You're an animal person. It's a tail as old as time. 

Photo: @aimeempruett

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